Bariatric shower chair for safer handling

Why would you use a bariatric shower chair? There's a good number of reasons to get one, a few of the biggest ones being patient safety and comfort while also making the caretaker's work easier. The design of the chair helps makes transferring the patient to and from the chair easier for both parties involved. It leads to less strain for the caretaker as well, minimizing the risk for injuries caused by things like heavy lifting.

One of the best ones can be acquired from TR Equipment whom delivers safety, simplicity and functionality at a high quality and a low cost of ownership. Through their products you can make sure that patients will be handled safely and with little effort needed to transfer the patient onto the bariatric shower chair itself.

Battery driven bariatric shower chairs

Since TR Equipment's Bariatric Shower chair​​ is battery driven you will not have to worry about tilting and can help make it easier to make things more comfortable for the patient as well as making it easier to get the patient onto the chair. It's a stable piece of equipment with a high capacity that is also easy to clean and use. The bariatric shower chair can also be used for toileting over a normal toilet to make toilet visits easier. 

The bariatric shower chair from TR Equipment is an ergonomic solution which will lessen the risks for work-related injuries and make showering a more comfortable and safe experience for patients. It's an important piece of equipment that most hospitals should have.​